About DCSL / DGSL Building

About DCSL

DCSL Building Contractors Ltd are a family owned and run construction company based in Navan, Co. Meath. We specialise in creating bespoke and environmentally friendly homes and commercial projects throughout the North Leinster area.

At DCSL, quality of workmanship is at the heart of everything we do. We have built up a skilled and experienced workforce fully backed up by our own list of specialist sub-contractors who share our dedication and commitment in delivering a quality project complete to the highest standard of workmanship.

As well as offering home buyers a quality product and peace of mind, our approach generates the trust and peace of mind for local planners and the various members of the design teams that we continually work with.

In addition to quality, we are fully committed to maintaining a safe working environment for all employees, third parties and the general public in order to ensure full compliance with current Health & Safety Legislation. In order to achieve this, we have appointed an external H & S consultant who regularly visits all of our sites to report on all aspects of H & S and from which any actions required are followed to completion.

About DCSL Building

About DGSL

Building on the above we are pleased to note the addition of a sister company, DGSL, to work hand-in-hand with DCSL.

DGSL operates fully within the above principles and backing and also brings additional experience and knowledge into the mix which will only add to that already there, all of which can only further increase the quality and experience enjoyed by all who employ the company to build their home.

Mission Statement

At DCSL we believe in building homes that are tailored to suit our client’s individual needs, providing quality work and a customer experience that we can all be proud of. We continually use the same craftsmen and workpeople thereby ensuring that the homes we build are consistently of the highest standard and achieve a home instead of just another house. DCSL, “Building Homes for People”.

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